Sweet Judy Blue Eyes

November 1st at the Grammy Museum with Judy Collins, interviewed by Bob Santelli:

“Judy Blue Eyes, My Life in Music,” is the title of Judy Collin’s new memoir published by Random House. Jackie and I had the rare privilege of hearing Judy tell the enraptured crowd about the instrumental people and pivotal events impacting her life and career. Over a 50 year career, she is as charming, intelligent, inspirational and passionate as ever, her voice is the same pure, gorgeous but she floored me with her comedic timing and fabulous wit. We have been both writing our memoir over the past few years and have reconnected in the process. Our indelible roots are the Bitter End. Bob Santelli did a great interview. She referenced the Bitter End as the launching pad of the times and introduced me as her great friend. I was so happy to be there. Her book is a must read.

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  1. Dale Savage says:

    She has one of the most beautiful voices ever.

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