Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me

My memoir is being published on January 15th. It includes stories from The Bitter End years (Neil Diamond, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby), the Woodstock years and producing over 40 films. It’s called “Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me”.

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6 Responses to Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me

  1. Sue Toigo says:

    I need to buy 5 pre-order copies of this amazing book! Where do I send a check?

    xxxx Sue

  2. I too would Love to get this book. Bob Dylan said you were a nice guy! And Lou Diamond Phillips too!…Must be true.. God bless America and Fred Weintraub! Peace!

  3. Daniel Suarez says:

    Fred, I’m looking forward to reading your book. You’ve led a fascinating life. Congratulations.

  4. Michelle Sites says:

    Hi Fred, Fantastic news. I’d like to pre-order a copy. Are there any plans for local book signings or appearances?

  5. Steve Dubey says:

    Can NOT wait to get my hands on a copy and read it .
    thanks Fred!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I just got hold of an early copy of “Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me” and opened it up intending to read a few pages. Several hours and many laughs later, I put it down, feeling I had just spent the afternoon with a funny, worldly raconteur, someone who has every right to drop all the names in this book (and there are dozens of them). In the very early 60s Fred Weintraub was looking for an authentic way to live his life. When he cleared the dirty plaster from the wall in his fledgling club in New York’s Greenwich Village, he revealed beautiful bricks that became an American icon. At the same time, he gave a start to a supremely talented generation of comics and musicians, many of whom went on to become American icons. This book is a delicious journey through five decades of our country’s popular culture, a sharply written, funny, fast-paced memoir filled with terrific anecdotes that involve just about anyone you care to name from the world of film, music or comedy. Way to go Fred, I loved it.

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