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I’ve been getting some wonderful reviews on the book. Some great articles too!

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Interview with The Mark and Brian Show on KLOS

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I am pleased to announce that “Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me” is now available in hardcover and ebook at Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as iTunes and Sony Reader Store. Links can be found in the ‘Buy the Book’ section of the website.


BOOK DEBUT and FIRST BOOK SIGNING will be at Barnes & Noble at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica on Sunday, January 15th at 2pm!


Thank you for all your support.



“Fred Weintraub is the Hollywood legend you’ve never heard of. This visionary showman founded the landmark club The Bitter End in Greenwich Village; started the careers of Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Woody Allen and Neil Diamond; championed the making of the “Woodstock” film (saving Warner Bros. Pictures in the process); discovered the martial arts sensation Bruce Lee and produced the classic film “Enter the Dragon,” along with forty other motion pictures with such stars as Steve McQueen, George C. Scott, Robert Duvall, Kirsten Dunst and dozens of others. In his insightful, funny, bawdy memoir, Weintraub bangs heads with foreign dictators; mobsters; movie executives; difficult stars; and red-baiting producers—and bangs headboards with a lusty succession of Sexual Revolutionary women on his fifty-year journey through the entertainment business. It’s a trip you won’t want to miss.”

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Woody Allen

Just saw the first part of the new “Woody Allen: A Documentary”. It’s terrific! For all those young filmmakers, it’s a must. I’m not biased even though I am in the first few minutes of the film.  It will be airing in two parts on PBS’ “American Masters” series on November 20th and 21st.

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Sweet Judy Blue Eyes

November 1st at the Grammy Museum with Judy Collins, interviewed by Bob Santelli:

“Judy Blue Eyes, My Life in Music,” is the title of Judy Collin’s new memoir published by Random House. Jackie and I had the rare privilege of hearing Judy tell the enraptured crowd about the instrumental people and pivotal events impacting her life and career. Over a 50 year career, she is as charming, intelligent, inspirational and passionate as ever, her voice is the same pure, gorgeous but she floored me with her comedic timing and fabulous wit. We have been both writing our memoir over the past few years and have reconnected in the process. Our indelible roots are the Bitter End. Bob Santelli did a great interview. She referenced the Bitter End as the launching pad of the times and introduced me as her great friend. I was so happy to be there. Her book is a must read.

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Writing a Memoir

Quite a few people have asked me how I got my book finished and how long it took me. To be exact, 30 years ago some people talked to me about it and then, over the years, as I told stories about celebrities and adventures, friends told me I should put them down.

About eight years ago, I started with a writer who began to accumulate some celebrity interviews that astounded me. I hadn’t realized the influence that my coffeeshop, The Bitter End, Woodstock and the Bruce Lee saga had played in their lives. I heard from more than one artist saying, “I started at The Bitter End an unknown and four weeks later, my career started to take off.” This made me go ‘wow’ and I was off and running.

I thought it would be simple but wait until you hear what it took to write my memoir. I really didn’t have the slightest idea what kind of pain it would cause me. Now that the book is finished, I know.

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Gil Cates

What a sad day. Gil Cates, one of the finest people I’ve dealt with, passed away yesterday.
I had spoken to Gil just two hours before to plan a dinner at my house. We had known each other since 1968 and his creativity and his intelligence made him one of the unusual ones in the business.
He directed one of my films and was the original director of “Hootenanny”. His great power and charm and warmth came from his unbridled enthusiasm in anything he undertook. He was a rare bird and we will be missing his beautiful song forever.
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Summons # 5500779

In the mid 1960s, the Department of Licenses in New York tried to suspend and revoke my coffee house license at The Bitter End.

Their reason being, “Fred Weintraub presented one, Lenny Bruce, in which the said performer made indecent, offensive, lewd and immoral remarks and statements and gave offensive and immoral performances dealing sex, degeneracy and perversions in violations of penal statues; and the said, Fred Weintraub, knowing of said performance and being enabled to act with respect thereto by reason of office and interest in said coffee house, allowed, permitted and suffered the said lewd, indecent and obscene performances to be given.”

Just think how mild he’d sound today.

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Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me

My memoir is being published on January 15th. It includes stories from The Bitter End years (Neil Diamond, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby), the Woodstock years and producing over 40 films. It’s called “Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me”.

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